Hey, there. Thanks for your interest in Central Arkansas Velo (CARVE). What we have here is a brief overview of who we are and what we do. If you like what you see, we’d be happy to count you as a member.

CARVE wants you to become the best cyclist you can be. Whether you race, ride to stay fit, commute or just pull the bike out on nice weekends, being part of a group can make any ride more fun and make you a better rider.

To realize our mission the CARVE Board of Directors established the following goals:

  • - Promote all levels of competitive racing throughout Arkansas and the mid-South
  • - Support members interested in recreational cycling
  • - Provide clinics and educational events for members
  • - Promote a healthy lifestyle and commitment to personal fitness
  • - Promote community well-being through charitable and community service activities
  • - Promote development of junior racers

CARVE cyclists ride road bikes, mountain bikes and even cyclocross bikes. A few of our members belong to the CARVE elite mountain bike race team or Road Team, while others just like to ride when they have time. It’s a pretty safe bet that you can find someone to match your preference and skill level.

Have a big goal for the year? Wanna set a personal best in a century ride, or complete your first century ride? How about finally tackling trails on a mountain bike? CARVE members are a great resource for helping you achieve your goals.

Members get special discounts at our sponsoring shop, Chainwheel in Little Rock. CARVE members get 10 percent off their purchases.

Annual membership is $50.

If you join after 1 October of a given year, it will be effective for the remainder of that year as well as the following year. Renewals are on a strict year to year schedule and annual dues for members 18 years and older are $50 and due Jan 1 and good until December 31.

Membership forms are available from our membership coordinator, Rachel Furman, at rfurman@team-carve.com. You can also complete the application here.

CARVE does offer a race reimbursement program. Qualified members will be reimbursed up to $25 per event, maximum of ten events, for a maximum annual reimbursement of $250. More more details click here for the race reimbursement application.

After you purchase your membership, your level of participation is up to you. You can ride around in your spiffy new jersey on your own, or you can participate in club activities, rides and other events. There are plenty of chances for CARVE members to volunteer their time and talents, from ride and race support to fundraising activities. We do ask, however, that all club members obey the rules of the road and trail and treat others with respect.

Questions? Get in touch with CARVE President Scott Penrod at spenrod@team-carve.com, Mountain Bike Captain Matthew Bevans at mbevans@team-carve.com or Rachel Furman at the address above.

Ride on.

CARVE Captains & Board Officers:

Scott Penrod - President - 501 231-2765 - spenrod@team-carve.com
David Gill – Secretary/Treasurer – 501-580-3159 – dgill@team-carve.com
Rachel Furman – Membership Coordinator – rfurman@team-carve.com
Spencer Kinsey – Events Coordinator – 479-459-3267 – skinsey@team-carve.com
Wendy Kelley - Communications Coordinator - wkelley@team-carve.com
Open Position – Roadbike Captain
Matthew Bevans – Mountainbike Captain – 501-413-9060 - mbevans@team-carve.com
Barbara Mariani – Advocacy Director - 501-766-3929 - bmariani@team-carve.com
Jim Allen - Board Member & Sponsor - 501 666-4210 & 501-517-2501 - jallen@team-carve.com
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