CARVE is passionate about cycling and its members are committed to growing the sport in and around Central Arkansas. We achieve this by offering support to our athletes of all levels through our numerous training sessions, group rides, races, and encouragement. For details concerning our rider programs see the “About us” section of our website.

We hope you'll come ride, train, and race with us. It is our wish that you can realize your fitness goals and athletic potential through cycling and its many related disciplines.

At CARVE, you will find folks just like you. For us, it's all about the unique challenges that athletics in general and cycling in particular presents. We believe they allow us continued growth as we move through life. There is very little in most of our lives that afford such opportunity for personal achievement, joy, and even competitive drama as the pursuit of the physical and mental challenge provided by cycling.

Don't make the mistake of simply preparing to begin. Do this, and you will likely never start. Check your pride, set your goals, and just commit to something challenging, yet attainable. We've got your back.

Sound good? Let’s Roll!


Who is CARVE?

CARVE is a locally organized group of cycling enthusiasts that participate in recreational and competitive cycling, including road racing, distance riding, mountain bike racing, endurance events, and multi-sport competition. Chances are you'll find someone with similar interests, goals, and training regimens. With deep roots in competitive road cycling, CARVE has evolved into a very diverse group of athletes that span every sport that involves cycling in some form.

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Do I Have to Race?

Not at all. You can enjoy the benefits of CARVE without ever pinning on a number. On the other hand, at some point most everyone has the desire to test themselves. However, many traditional sports aren’t as flexible as cycling. A Cyclist’s “field of play” is almost anywhere. Therefore, we can train and practice on our own terms. Many of us are hard-wired to be competitive and will throw down for the local city limit sign, a length at the pool, down the sidewalk or up a granny gear climb as if it were in fact a race. Eventually, this may lead us to organized competition. Bottom line: if you like to train as if you might toe the line someday, then you'll find a sense of community with us.

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What Does it Cost and Why?

Annual membership costs $50. CARVE kit orders are placed several times per year, and members are able to order from a variety of jerseys, shorts and accessories. We do ask that members wear their CARVE jersey when they compete. Chainwheel in Little Rock is our sponsoring bike shop. Club Members get 10% off of parts and accessories, CARVE-only specials, prompt bike maintenance and other benefits. The Chainwheel crew will also help new members network with the right people for training and coaching services. Finally, if members complete the required number of events, they are eligible for reimbursement at the end of the season.

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Do I Have to be Fit?

The CARVE mission is to inspire members, and create opportunities for them, to become the best cyclist they can be by promoting recreational cycling and racing. The common thread in all of our members is the desire to get better at something while challenging ourselves and others. Most people find it frustrating trying to keep up with the fleet and more fit. That is why we have developed rider programs to assist in bridging our members from novice to experienced cyclist. We hope that's one reason why you might be considering joining anyway. Oh, and you'll get more fit. That's a promise.

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Can I Just Train with You Guys?

Many of our training sessions are open to the public. We also regularly have clinics and other special events for members only. If you want a preview of what it's like to train or even compete with us, please contact one of our captains for more information on a date and workout and then show up. Please wear a helmet whenever you ride. We will do our best to rate the intensity you can expect, and depending on how race-focused the group is, we will try to warn you away from the killer sessions if you don't want to throw the hammer down.

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Do you Guys Actually Compete or What?

We have a diverse group of competitors in all disciplines of cycling, including Mt. Bike and Road. Although we don’t officially have an organized triathlon team, many of our members are Multi-sport athletes who do their bike training with us. Our competitive focus is on events in Arkansas and the surrounding states.

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Who are Your Primary Contacts?

Mountain Bike Captain: Matthew Bevans

Membership Coordinator: Rachel Furman

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How do I Join?

Complete the Membership Application, or contact Rachel Furman (Membership coordinator) via email.

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